Markup Assistant

Welcome to the markup assistant! In order to use the analyzer on this site the text of the play you want to work with has to be marked up into a format called Play Markup Language (PML). Although it's possible to convert a play to PML by hand this markup assistant helps to automate the process. Through a series of binary choices you will quickly move through the raw text and end up with a new file that the analyzer can understand.

(Or if you've already marked up a full show, make sure to create the header!)

Act: Scene:

Use your keyboard. Does this indicate a line of dialogue? Forward arrow for yes, backwards arrow for no, up or down arrow to go back.

Click the first and last words of any text portions that are not spoken to highlight them in red. Hit C to clear the selections. Forward arrow to advance, backward arrow to go back.

If characters enter or exit during this stage direction, move them appropriately. Forward arrow to advance to next stage direction, backward arrow to go back.



All done! Copy the text below into a file and analyze away.

(If you've marked up a full show, make sure to create the header!)

Title: Author:

Copy the following into the top of your marked up file